Sunday, March 8, 2009

is there nothing like a dame?

Oh no, here we go again with the old left-right political swings that our MMP (NZ) voting system had started to get rid of. 

The National party (right/conservative) has just re-instated the terrible old British class and title system  after  New Zealanders threw it out some 10 years ago: why on earth has it been bought back to life - after all we have had no discussion about this idea.

Its interesting to note that many people who are eligible to 'upgrade' (???) their awards presented in the past 9/10 years are ambivalent about it ... it seems the idea - that when travelling,  because of a 'title', they could possibly be upgraded on air-flights: an attractive carrot to accept the gongs. 

However, as someone who was upgraded to the Royal Silk class by Thai airways recently I can understand that - the service and seats were fabulous! Thank you Thai Air.  
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