Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take a small break ... in Auckland

My latest little holiday started with a train trip on the Overlander, a 12-hour journey from Wellington to Auckland.  As Paul Theroux says ‘trains are the only way to travel’ - it certainly was relaxing – my only complaint was it was dark for the last 2 hours -  so my recommendation would be to do this when daylight saving is on … daylight all the way!

I stayed at the Quadrant Hotel  in central Auckland. Lovely! I had great harbour views and it’d very handy to many of the places I wanted to visit, and also close to the Britomart transport hub.
More stories are to follow, and as well as the train and hotel, what else will I be writing about?  Kelly Tarlton and the Auckland Zoo are ’must-sees’ for kids and adults.  Also, the zoo has its fabulous new Te Wao Nui opening in September (2011) so make sure you bookmark this page as that’s the first story I will be writing.
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 The Auckland Museum is a traditional museum with interesting flourishes – it seems it’s also the only place in Auckland where you can experience a Maori cultural performance daily.
Local Maori also host guided walks (Tamaki Hikoi) and this was the perfect way to start an Auckland trip with family and local tribal history – it sort of sets the scene!
So, there’ s a taster of what’s to come ( and Parnell of course) . . .but, in the meantime check out the links above and come back here soon.
Editors are of course welcome to contact me for stories about any, or all, of these topics.

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