Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day two on the 'get healthy - loose weight' track

Ok, its day two  (Scroll down to see previous post) and lots of progress - amazing what a  metaphorical gun to the head in the form of a health scare does.

Well progress is not REALLY what it is my mind: I am the I-want-it-NOW type of person and the progress I secretly expected hasn't happened.

I'm told  normal,sane thinkers do not expect to have lost 10 kg in 24hrs - and I havent -  but, I have moved along the continuim towards that healthy, insulin producing body I need if I am to enjoy the more mature ( age-wise) years of my life.

  • I have 'sort of ' eaten well today (actually I'm hungry as I havent eaten well so far today, just eaten less.)
  • I have signed up for four months of weight-watchers (a miracle MUST happen in that length of time .. surely?)
  • I have bought new Adidas (20% off) cross trainers
  • I have had a 30-min walk
  • I've now confessed to you ( I've been told I'm sick as my secrets, so this blog will be my 'dear diary' that keeps my sick-as secrets public) 
  • And now, I''m off to the supermarket to stock up on tinned fish for lunchtime protien.
Being a writer is a problem - I sit and write too much and will have to get out and do more rather than write about what I do.  Actually, all  I  really have to do is eat a healthy diet, drink more water and walk more, and just for today I can do that!

Ciao, see you back here tommorrow,
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