Friday, April 17, 2009

literary scams --- warnings

Warning Signs: How To Spot A Literary Agent Scam: Part One

Thursday, 16 April 2009 01:25 by Writer's Relief Staff “How can you tell if a literary agent or agency is legitimate and not a scam?” New novelists and veteran writers can fall prey to literary agency scams—hidden tricks that literary agents use to fake legitimacy or make a quick buck on a book. Writers should be wary of scams when approaching literary agencies or individual agents.

The only way that a reputable literary agent should make money off an author is by selling the author’s book. That’s it. If an agent is asking for any fees (reading, evaluations, marketing, or retainer fees), let the red flags unfurl.

Reading fees at agencies weren’t always a red flag, but because several agencies began abusing the system—charging fees without having any genuine interest in the material itself—the practice was abolished by the Association of Authors’ Representatives or AAR (the trade group for US literary agents).read more 

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