Monday, January 26, 2009

heather reccomends you read . . .

Check out Lonely Planet for all this infomation about "only in 2009" events 

Total Solar Eclipse, Varanasi, India. It may be cloudy, it will certainly be chaotic, but the chance to witness a 4-minute totality in one of the most ancient sun-worshipping sites in the world is just too much to resist. Occurs 22 July 2009.

Magnificence of the Tsars exhibition, Victoria and Albert Museum, London. No-one could lay on the sumptuous like a Russian tsar. Marvel at the pomp of their ceremonial clobber. Until 29 March 2009.

Motown's 50th anniversary, Detroit, USA. Detroit has a year's worth of celebrations planned (exhibitions with celebrity docents, special releases) to honour the legendary soul label. Detroit's lively music scene is sure to have an extra jolt in its amps.

Hitsville USA

'Hitsville USA' is the nickname given to Motown Records' first headquarters, now the Motown Historical Museum

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

computers make me cry

I just want to cry. And cry and cry and cry.

Over the past three days I have learnt some valuable life lessons. Most of which could be summed up in those horrible lazy sayings.

 Some I already know about but didn’t respond to - ‘if you are in a hole stop digging!” and “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’

The particular hole I was in involved my computer. I used some free web access at an airport and from then on I could not send email! My mail arrived fine but my out box got bigger and bigger.

I tried to fix it ( my ‘little knowledge’ part)  I looked up all the things I thought would tell me how all to no avail, I rang my isp and spent an hour on the phone. Still no solution.

In the end I did one more thing and bang - NOW I have no Outlook on my laptop  ...  resulting in having to reinstall Microsoft Outlook – a brand new version with none of my ‘stuff’ on it . I thought it would import my old email - but no.

I now have many emails unanswered and lost. AND I have travel bloggers waiting for me to thank them for (and publish) their responses to my interview question. Mea culpa.

I am sorry but now I don’t know who I wrote to, who responded or what they said … all put into a special folder in my outlook.

I have contact for editors around the world gone, I have copies of contracts gone – could go on and on ………. I also have lost my diary with plans for the year all planned out.

Now you know why I want to cry.

If you know me and I should have your address or other information please email me. If you want to answer a two question interview re travel writing and or blogging also please email me.

The one good thing was something I learnt . in the advanced settings for my ISP is a place to tick and keep all my mail floating around in the ether. I have ticked it and if this ever happens again I will have a record to fall back on.