Thursday, July 28, 2011

A revolution in books .. yes, a new version of a paper book!

Can there ever be a revolution in books - after all they have been around for centuries.  And, e-books have killed paper books ‘they’ say.  However,  something new, and small, has happened.

The Dutch started it, the Spanish, the French, and the British soon followed . . . and now it’s in New Zealand - is it a challenge to the e-book? I don't think so, but certainly a great addition to my choices of reading material.

It’s the “flipback” book, which originated in The Netherlands, (2009).  A new version of a paper book that you hold vertically and flip the pages up as you read. Yes, just flip it UP.
The  evolutionary in book design is that spine is made so that the book can lie open for reading without requiring a hand to hold it open - no broken spines either.

Flipbacks, published by Hodder & Stoughton, were launched in  New Zealand by Hachette NZ, (July 2011)
are an ideal gift for a traveller. Perfect for planes, waiting in queues for boarding, ticket buying and all those other places we have learnt to grab valuable reading moments.

So while others talk about the demise of the paper book – flip out your new hard-cover book.

So, if you are thinking of buying me a book for my travels – I’d be happy with any other 100 titles already out ( 11 so far in NZ, more out in Sept and November)