Tuesday, August 18, 2009

great review of my book- passing it on

An unsolicited email from an unknown reader

I purchased your book yesterday (Friday 14th August 09) after the Probus meeting and have just finished it.
It can only be described as an absolute gem. It is a fabulous travel book; it is an even greater person story. I read several books a week and for me this is The book of the year. Your comments on your success in the battle with alcohol for me made this book even greater. Well done Heather. You have the great skill and achievement of knowing what is important in life and of knowing what is trivial.
Also, places I have been to and know reasonably well especially S.E.Asia I could suddenly see in a whole new light, I guess that is the skill of the very observant traveller and the skilled travel writer
Cheers, Harry (NOTE - last name not added here in respect for this person’s privacy, Heather)
Another male wrote -
‘Suffering serious withdrawals after finishing Naked in Budapest, and being deprived of my daily fix of travel in far-away places. I have not enjoyed a book so much for yonks.’
Hugh Adams (author of ‘A bakers dozen’)
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Marja said...

Great review Heather
Budapest is on my list of places to visit. Is your book available in the bookshops here?

Heather - the Kiwitravelwriter said...

the book only has one chapter about Budapest - the rest is from all over the world . can buy it online from my website ... kiwitravelwriter.com ( or in person as you are in my city)

Steve Malley said...

Gotta love the good reviews! That's awesome!!

Marja said...

Kia ora Heather I absolutely loved your book. You are a very brave lady and you have overcome a lot. I recognised several places in the book and I am very inspired to see some of the other ones one day.