Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas eve, diabetes, and keeping healthy

Well here it is Chrismas Eve in NZ (well its 1030 on the day of the eve) and all is well.

I have just had a text from my daughter wondering if I can bring new potatoes, strawberries, broad beans, tomatoes and mint up on the plane today ... well the potatoes and mint are possible but not the rest - this year!

On the diabetic front all is going well: I have been booked in for a 'diabetic checkup' in mid-Jan and will also be having my eyes tested to see if there have been any diabetic-related changes - and this reminds me that altho there is much I can do (diet and excersise) there are other areas I have no real control over and yesterday my GP told me it usually takes 2 years to settle into the diabetes diagnosis. I guess it was a  good reminder to me (and my control and want-it-now attitude) that joining wirght watchers and losing wieght is not the whole answer.  I had a sneaky belief that my health would be perfect once I had a 10+% wieght loss. oh well, guess it will make an overall diffence - so will keep up the healthy eating (esp the quantity)

My christmas holiday break has started - my bags are packed (2 instead of my usual one), the shuttle bus booked, the cat-sitter has been given the tour of the appartment, now all  I have to do is put the dishes away and I'll have an hour to relax and answer a few personl emails.

This is our rare native (NZ) mistletoe

I hope you have a great Christmas break, here in New Zealand the weather is set to be the perfect summer weather we hope for but dont always get ( NOTE: if you are comming to NZ, late Jan, February, and early March are the best, hotest months - unless you are into skiing of course) So for us this is not 'just' Christmas but our summer break. Short or long, hot or cold, have a good one!
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