Friday, December 4, 2009

Weight loss, paint drying, and a sailing ship

The sun has been shining in Christchurch today ... maybe summer will arrive after all! I went for my 30 min walk today, this time on city sreets so I could deliver a pile of booklets to the library .. free books for people to read about the Christchurch Writers Trail put together by the local Society of Authors.

I've decided to blog just every couple of days re my diabetes, as lets face it, this will be a long (ish) journey as I move toward better health coupled witha  lower weight - it will be boring enough for me at times let alone fro readers .. sort ot like watching paint dry perhaps.

Thats it for this week, off for weekend as I have a Wellintonian down for a while and we will be having fun doing other things rather than tweeting, bloging or writing travel stories.  Now, to find a picture to decorate my page - if you want to read more go over to and read some travel pieces. And then, check out my webpage and see what else you can  find there!

I take the wheel of an old sailing ship the Spirit of NZ in Akaroa harbour - this reminds me I must do a photo  blog re yachts I've sailed on
Note my 'Say no to War' top bought in Malaysia when I signed up to support 'Malaysians for Peace.'
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