Monday, December 7, 2009

thinking thin - thinking healthy

I wonder if it's wishful thinking or true. Today it seems I am thinner .. well thats what my body tells me I am so hope its true. However, I have to work with the facts and I will not know my wieght until I hop on the scales each and evry Thursday lunchtime.

And between now and then I have two big food events. tommorrow night the NZSA is hvaing an end of year dinner at Wagamama ( here in Christchurch. ( I've eaten at their Wellington, NZ and London UK restaurants but not in my hometown - yet)

Then on Thursday I join a group of us undervalued freelance writers for breakfast at the very yummy Crumpet - our regular breakfast meeting place ( > So, although I am thinking thin, thinking healthy, my attitude will be put to the test but I'm sure I'm ready for it: the goal of good health is well worth delayed gratification.

My 'today' has been good for walking; I did well with drinking water and my food intake sensioble and enjoyable (and so was the weekend). Today I also received a pdf copy of the brochure for the wrting courses in Fiji next year. ( if you want a copy of it please email me ( ) and I'll send youa  copy. it's exciting to think in a  few weeks I will be able to say "this year I am teaching travel writing at a great resort in Fiji' see more here:  - it will be no problem to eat well there!

Here's me teaching travel writing at the Karori Wildlife Centre
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