Thursday, December 10, 2009

weigh in day!

Not such an impressive loss this week - as to be expected. Still 400 grams is nearly a pound if I remember my old weight measuments correctly so I'll take it. The weight watchers leader tells me the average weekly loss is between 300 and 500g.

As I write I'm watching a 'Survivor' type programme ... now that's a way to loose weight quickly .. not that I would learn any good eating habits. An island off the Sth East of peninsula Malaysia is the setting for a European survivor programme ... called Robinson Island on the TV show as I recall... and I stayed there once for a wbaout fours days: it was almost survivor for me too and I bailed out after 4 days (had planned on a week's solo R&R) as I was absolutely chewed to pieces by sandflies and couldn't wait to find a phamacy to get some anti-histamine cream.

Still as I have often said, "I put on weight in India" - perhaps I'd do the same on a survivor island. So for now I'll stick to the WW plan of healthy eating, the slow and steady and healthy way to loose this unwanted weight.

photographers gather to record the hatching of an endangered bird
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