Thursday, December 3, 2009

feeling good!

Well today had my first weigh-in after a week of working on loosing weight and so improve my health status: I have lost 1.8 kg.

Guess if I keep doing what I've been doing I'll keep getting the results which is a good thought. what was not such a good thought was when I worked out what my weight would be ( in the old stones and pounds of my youth) when I  have lost 10% of my current weight I was shocked. Still THAT heavy! I thought if I got rid of ten percent of my body weight that would be all I have to do. I would be svelte, diabetes-symptoms-free and full of the joys of life. Now I know what it is in stones/lbs I also know I wont be svelte. so back to concentrating on my immdeiate goal -- loose 5%, then focus on the next goal, and then the next.

I'm a great believer in just doing todays challenges today, and need to remember to stay in the now, and day, with this weight loss and increased health goal journey I'm on.

Another kiwi who reached his goals - Sir Ed Hillary gazes up to Aorangi-Mt Cook in NZ's South Island.

So thats it for now, its good to to have a successful 7 days behind me, and tommorrow I start it all again.
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