Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Saturday in Christchurch

This morning I met with some friends then  by lunchtime, I left them to have a lazy afternoon in my neighborhood - taking a  walk to help with my 'get healthy, loose weight, reduce diabetes symptoms' plans.

What an eclectic series of experiences I've had: had coffee with a friend who wanted to buy a copy of my book; watched a canoe escape from the boat sheds and float downstream; saw one of the men don shoulder high 'waders' and drag it back to its mooring; talked to man fly-fishing in the Avon; went past the museum, Art gallery, Art Centre and the Victorian clock tower that I can see from my kitchen window ( only in the winter when the leaves are off the trees) and took a few photos. 

These are not them but some others that I thought you may like from my city neighborhood  - I 'm fortunate indeed to live in such a place ... and so my healthy day concludes!

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