Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Diabetes, food and loosing weight

It's nearly 3 weeks since I was diagnosoed with diabetes and the sky has not fallen on my head. so thats a good start. however, I am very conscious of food - more than before, as now I have to think about it all with questions to myself such as  'is this mouthful moving me towards my goal or away from it - towards health or towards diabetes complications' and although I find that helpful, I will be happy when this new way of eating becomes ingrained as a lifetime habit - which is my goal. I'm lucky that I dont have to change WHAT I eat as much as HOW MUCH I eat. I especially have to cut down on the carbs (a bit of a carbo queen I was) and  of course people ask me about giving up sugar and chocolate, but I didn't need to eat that: my body was busy converting the carbs into sugar without me having to eat it!

And, of course it's holiday season, and all the food events that entails. I believe our Christmas dinner  (at my daughters) will be seafood-based this year: yum yum yum! Fortunately I dont like the heavy Christmas dinners of old, but if I see a palova anywhere I will be having a little!

I've just arranged to meet a friend for lunch on Friday .. an Indian thali .. which of course is high calories and I will have to watch the quantities .. a little of everything seems to be a good motto for me right now. so see what i mean about thinks and talking food food food!

Well thats it from 'the life of Heather today' files and will finish on a note of pleasure ...  a woman I was at university with, and not been in touch with for years, in fact just caught up with each other on Facebook, sent me this message.

" .have just finished your book.....it is amazing....you are such an inspiration,
an intrepid, courageous, wonderful woman!"

this will be even more of an OCCASSIONAL treat!

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