Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sharing intimate moments with a famous man!

Sure he’s really, really old, and sure he seems hard and cold – almost as if he’s made from marble. But I have to tell you - and I’m not normally a girl who kisses and tells but . . . this afternoon I stood by and watched – even photographed – one of the worlds’ well known, famous men as he had a shower.

From the living room, (with its interesting books on the bookshelf) and with the door wide open I could see his toilet (well bathroom if you are Nth American) as well as the bath with a shower overhead, and a bathmat hanging over the edge of the bath.

He took no notice of me or my camera – perhaps he really does have an alabaster heart, but up close he seems a fine figure of a man. Usually I have to gaze upwards as he balanced on a plinth and I liked getting up close and personal – I even noticed a crack in his crotch. (This seems somewhat appropriate!)

Unfortunately, if you too want to spend time in such intimate surroundings with Captain James Cook, explorer extraordinaire, you need to rush to Victoria Square, Christchurch, New Zealand in the next month.

This installation art – Endeavour by Tatzu Oozu, Japan – is part of the 5th SCAPE Christchurch Biennial of Art in Public Space.

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