Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 9 in the weight loss- get healthy stakes

Well this week I put on 500 grams (just over a pound for those of you in the old imperial system)

So despite doing some aqua-cise in the form of walking against the strong current in the 'river' at the swimming pool and some walking, I didn't do enough to compensate for the half dozen very yummy dark chocolate kisses (I forget the Italian name for them). Seems I also didn't eat as well  - having guests is not a good enough excuse! Anyway I am taking myself in hand and will have a better figure to report next week, of that I'm sure.

The World Buskers festival is on here in Chch .. my favourite so far is Pete Sweet who is from California.  In a very Forrest Gump, a-little-simple style he delights all, from the very young to the adult who see and hear things on a different level. His bowtie, and too-short pants, add to the visual enjoyment as he performs on a loose 'highwire'.

See more about the WBF here

                     my grandsons favourite was "The Stewardess"

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