Friday, June 11, 2010

My Lucky Week

This has been my lucky week! Three times lucky!

  • First I won a double ticket to an evening at the Christchurch Art Gallery (Russian art) and the Court Theatre (The Seagull)
  • Then I won a book which was published by the Christchurch and Akaroa Civic Trusts. For over forty years they have been making every effort to preserve historic buildings and slow the moves by property developers to pull down old buildings which are a significant part of our heritage. Luckily as a result of their work key buildings from each phase of the area's development have survived, and are represented in this book. Read more here
  • And finally, last Saturday, while working on a visitor survey in Cathedral Square here in Christchurch, a large black-backed gull dropped its load on my shoulder – evidently this is good luck too: really? I just think its funny that the play I saw on Wednesday was about a gull! I took this photo on Somes Island, Wellington.

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