Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day two on the 'get healthy - loose weight' track

Ok, its day two  (Scroll down to see previous post) and lots of progress - amazing what a  metaphorical gun to the head in the form of a health scare does.

Well progress is not REALLY what it is my mind: I am the I-want-it-NOW type of person and the progress I secretly expected hasn't happened.

I'm told  normal,sane thinkers do not expect to have lost 10 kg in 24hrs - and I havent -  but, I have moved along the continuim towards that healthy, insulin producing body I need if I am to enjoy the more mature ( age-wise) years of my life.

  • I have 'sort of ' eaten well today (actually I'm hungry as I havent eaten well so far today, just eaten less.)
  • I have signed up for four months of weight-watchers (a miracle MUST happen in that length of time .. surely?)
  • I have bought new Adidas (20% off) cross trainers
  • I have had a 30-min walk
  • I've now confessed to you ( I've been told I'm sick as my secrets, so this blog will be my 'dear diary' that keeps my sick-as secrets public) 
  • And now, I''m off to the supermarket to stock up on tinned fish for lunchtime protien.
Being a writer is a problem - I sit and write too much and will have to get out and do more rather than write about what I do.  Actually, all  I  really have to do is eat a healthy diet, drink more water and walk more, and just for today I can do that!

Ciao, see you back here tommorrow,


RadhikaR said...

Congratulations Heather! You've made a commitment - to YOURSELF Thank you for being brave to share with others too, yes it is for yu but until we say things out loud or see them in writing its so easy to let ourselves down. Been doing it for years! Looking foward to these posts - you'll be an inspiration to me on my journey I'm sure!

Unknown said...

Heather for many people the hardest thing is starting! So you have now done the hardest thing - tick that box!

Keep consistent with your food.

Keep consistent with your exercise!

And one suggestion - measure how far you walk in 30 minutes and every time you walk, try to go that few hundred meters further - positive reinforcement you are doing a great job.

The road will be hard ahead but your blog and your twitter feeds will all help your accountability. Amelia and my self can help with motivation BUT should you need any help . . . ask! If we can't someone we know can!

Heather - the Kiwitravelwriter said...

thanks so much for your support and suggestions . you are stars!

I have you in my box of tools - a comforting thought.