Saturday, November 28, 2009

kiwitravelwriter and diabetes day 4

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Well I was wrong when I said summer had arrived in my city a couple of days ago. This morming, with my new walking shoes at the ready for an early start, I woke to light rain and low temps.

I dont know if that's the reason for my mood but I have been a bit grumpy today: it started when I heard a couple of men telling porkies and I decided not to go out for my usual Saturday lunch with a group of friends - and have spent the afternoon snoozing and watching some unwatched, recorded TV shows.

Two good things though: I have eaten as I should, drunk water (which is like medicine to me) and this morning , before the black dog appeared, I nearly completed the story about Kaikoura Wilderness Walks -  a 2 day hike (6hrs the first day) I did last week. Check it out.

Now I am going to be un-ecofriendly and have a relaxing bath, do my nails, and go to bed  with a book (I''m reading a great book by a fellow member of NZ Society of Authors called  Under the Huang Jiao Tree by Jane Carswell ) for an early night - ready to start tomorrow, with a  new attitude!

As an old song says, "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again." or something like that - and I  will. Things that were on todays list will be done tommorrow - including a longer walk in my new sneakers, with my pedometer which I now see doesn't count steps - just kilometres, miles and calories! (see how I just rushed onto TradeMe - the kiwi version of E-bay - and bought the cheap one ... assuming all pedometers caount steps.)

Oh well, will just do the kms .. but the smaller numbers will not look nearly as impressive as  those for 'steps'

Tomorrows post will be brighter - I promise - I'm not promising you, but myself, I dont like me like this.

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