Friday, November 27, 2009

Diabetes day three and Doctors are throwing water balloons!

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Well its a wild and windy day here in Christchurch - one of our east coast's nor'wester - when the wind rushes over the Southern Alps, drops it's rain on the West Coast to allow the rain forrest to grow, then sweeps  dryly and warmly over the Canterbury Plains and drives many people mad. As someone who is often mad anyway, I actually  love this signature wind for us Cantabrians.

Whats this got to do with me and my health issues? well nothing really, except as part of a battery of tests I have been having over the past few months, I had to go to the hospital for an abominal scan - not easy with a full bladder - and I can confirm I am not pregnant. Whew. That's a relief.

But back to the Drs and their water balloons. As I left, a bevy of Drs and Nurses in various outfits, tinsel, cowboy hats, white over-alls, brightly coloured tights also left, heading over the bridge and heading towards 'the boatsheds' obviously something was about to happen, so I waited on the bridge. Also waiting there - and along the bank - were some child patients.

Soon,  along came the flotilla of colourful canoes, and those waiting on the bridge threw water balloons ... the paddlers were throwing them at their collegues too. It seems this was a charity event to raise funds for the childrens wards.

Before I continue, may I have a curmudgeonly moment. As someone who always picks up plastic on the beach, it concerns me that these broken balloons are now heading seaward and one at least will not doubt contribute to a mammals death.

So, diabetes day 3 has gone well. My pedometer has arrived so I can now tell how far I walk (despite being a writer, I do have a high incidental level of movement) and will set it up tonight ready to be attached to this obese body in the morning - well not to my body per se, but to the waist band of whatever I wear tommorrow.

Food wise I've done well, not hungry, and have eaten well - i'm looking forward to the chicken and kumera ( sweet pototo) and salad meal I plan on havong soon.

Thanks to the people who have supported and encouraged me via Twitter, Facebook, and this blog ... knowing you are on the sidelines cheering me on is really great. You are stars :)

A distinctly kiwi sign - at the Wellngton Zoo

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Marja said...

Sorry to hear you've diabetes. That's a bit of a struggle. Welcome to the club of weight loosers Suddenly everone is on a diet A friend of mine had heart problems Another friend just lost 30kg and I am at the start of it as well. Lost 1kg Now take care and good luck