Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diabetic day 14 and I'm doing ok!

The old band rotunda is now a restaurant: Christchurch

No blog last night as I was out eating at Wagamama ... as delicious as ever.

Tommorrow I will find out if I am eating as well as I think I have - its weigh-in day - so more will be revealed in my next blog.

Not much to talk about,  so go check out my blog (HERE) about the most famous one-legged kiwi in the world and the zoo hospital where you could stand and watch the animals be treated -- yes , even operations.

And come back tomorrow  for the big reveal!

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Marja said...

Good to see you keeping up the good work. This is a very challenging time with Christmas coming up. We had christmas functions for work and my diet went out of the window. Have to get back to it. How is the walking going?